Top 5 reasons why you should choose Coomber

1. Coomber: A British Brand 

We are proud to say that all Coombers are made in Britain. We are the only UK manufacturer of audio equipment for teaching and learning. This means that the quality you will find in each one of our Coombers is guaranteed by our engineers who are building them from scratch in our factory in Worcester. They make sure that each and every product complies with the quality standards that Coomber is well-known and admired for. By choosing a UK manufacturer you will also get complete product support as well as the possibility to customise the unit according to your needs. We can do all that in our Worcester factory. In the past we have created bespoke products from listening tables for libraries to underwater speakers for the British Olympic pools.


2. Robust audio equipment that will last for many years 

Coombers are built to last.  We know there are no indestructible products, but we strive to get pretty close to it. We have customers that have been using the same Coomber for 20 years and still loving it!


3. Easy to use technology 

Although the technology that goes into every Coomber is complex, we created the easiest interface for you to manipulate it. You can let your students play story books using the listening centres, or they can record themselves reading with the audio recorders. And when you will be teaching, Coomber's easy to use controls will allow you to focus entirely on the class. Do you want to amplify sound? The "Turn It On, Turn It Up" technology in our Portable Sound Amplifiers will make it easier than ever to manipulate sound.


4. Supporting educators since 1908  

 Coomber has been working closely with schools over the years, offering free unbiased advice, designing bespoke products based on teachers’ needs or helping young people through internships, work experience and placements at Coomber. We are now working with learning and teaching consultants to create a knowledge hub where teachers will be able to find free resources for the new curriculum as well as ideas for their classroom. Tony Bennett, Coomber Managing Director: “We have been a partner for educators since the very beginnings when the company started in 1908. Since then, we built a strong education network that includes not only teachers, bursars and business managers, but also Ofsted inspectors, learning advisers and other education suppliers. This is a privileged position to be in and there are not many organisations that can put together the resources of all these diverse groups. We have always supported teachers and we thought what better way to do this than creating free and practical resources which they can actively use in their classroom.” 

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