Packaging your Coomber

Hints and Tips on packaging your Coomber

The best packaging for your Coomber is the original packaging that it was sent to you in. We have conducted extensive tests to ensure that the packaging safely holds the Coomber inside. We understand that it is not always practical to keep the original packaging and that you quite often need to use something that is close to hand.

Before packing please take note of the model and serial number.

Please place your name, address, and contact details in the box along with a list of the accessories you have packed with the unit.




Recommended packing for the transit of a Coomber Audio product

  • Use a strong Cardboard Box - Flimsy boxes such as the type paper comes in are not strong enough.!
  • Use lots of packaging material as the idea is to absorb impacts. Lots of scrunched up newspaper is better than a single layer of bubble wrap. As a rough rule of thumb select a box that is at least 10 cm bigger on all sides. Fill the spaces with impact-absorbing packaging. And remember to put packaging on all sides, below the object and above. Unfortunately, the couriers are not very gentle and may knock your box around. Please avoid shredded paper.
  • Ensure your Coomber travels the right way up.
  • Wrap the mains plug separately. Ensure that the mains plug is wrapped securely and placed in a position where it cannot impact on the Coomber.

Please remove any old labels from the box

If you are unable to find a suitable box and packing material we could send you the original packaging for your model at a small additional charge. Please call 01905 342070 or email

We cannot be held responsible for any damage sustained during transit if the Coomber was insufficiently packaged. We reserve the right to request an additional fee to repair any damage sustained as a result of poor packaging.

Please refer to our full returns policy here.

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