4 Tricks For When Your Wireless Microphone Has Stopped Working

  • 17 Nov 2015
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Has your wireless microphone stopped working? Here are a few tricks for you to try.

Trick no 1. Check the batteries

If you haven't used the microphone for a while, it is likely that the batteries are depleted. Buy a brand new set of batteries and replace the ones in the microphone. Give it another go. If it's still not working, read trick no 2 below.


Trick no 2. Check the volume

Some amplifiers (such as Coomber's) have various volume controls: a master one controlling the overall sound volume and individual controls for each microphone input. Make sure all the volume knobs are turned halfway.


Trick no 3. Turn on the radio receiver

It is possible that your amplifier has a push button that you have to press to enable the wireless receivers to work. If you have a Coomber model 44573/UHF1 (now upgraded to the Portable Amplifier with Bluetooth and CD Player), you will find such a button on the back of the unit. A blue light will come on when it's pressed to let you know it's on.


Trick no 4. Match the frequencies

You can change the frequency on which the wireless microphone sends signals to the amplifier. There is a small compartment in the body of the microphone. If you only use one wireless microphone, rotate the disc so that the indicator points to frequency no 1.


What other tricks have you used in the past? Let us know at info@coomber.co.uk.

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