Top 3 Speaker Tips for Achieving Great Sound in Your Hall

  • 24 May 2018
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Just a few short tips for when you're setting up your new Coomber system.


1. Keep your audience happy by avoiding the dreadful audio feedback

The unbearable squealing sound you can hear in public address systems is caused by the microphone hearing itself. This happens every time the sound travels from the speaker back into the microphone. You can void this by making sure the speaker and the microphone “look” in opposite directions. Position the speaker in front of the microphone and make sure it points to the audience. The awful feedback noise will have less chances of occuring with this arrangement.


2. Speaker height matters

Our packages include some sort of speaker support whether it’s a stand or a wall bracket. But they provide more than just support. It enhances the sound whether you are in a hall or outdoors.


3. Achieve better sound distribution by using more speakers in your hall

Having a loud amplifier such as the Dance Combo can work brilliantly on its own. But as soon as you need to increase the volume pass the middle level, your audience at the front will be the first to suffer. This is why adding one or two extra speakers becomes important.

Multiple speakers in the room spread the sound better. But avoid having two or more speakers placed at the front of the room. This will force you to increase the sound levels for the people at the back to hear, but it's guaranteed to make the people in the front rows unhappy. Instead, you can have one speaker at the front, one at the back for medium halls and an extra one in the middle for larger halls. This will give you great sound wherever you are in the room. The same is true for both the Performance Combo and the Performance Combo Mini. Whether you choose the two speaker pack or the four speaker pack, you can achieve a much better sound in your hall just by changing the positions of your speakers.


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