Celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday with the Dance Combo at Pitcheroak Special School

  • 22 Jun 2016
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"We needed a portable sound system, easy to use and loud enough for our school’s outdoors events."

"We have had Coomber equipment in the past and it never disappointed. So when the time came to get ready for the school's Circus Day and The Queen 90th birthday celebrations we contacted Coomber to ask for their audio expertise. They had the equipment our school needed for outdoors voice and music amplification.


We got to experience first hand the Coomber's Dance Combo. The sound system is superb. The battery life is great. We had it on for our events and it never failed us. It is very easy to use as well. We are a special needs school and one of the pupils helped me set up and use the equipment. He understood the operating instructions and functionality of the machine very easily which was quite impressive for a special needs student. Plus you can take it with you everywhere you want by just wheeling it around. It was easy enough to transport that even one of our teachers with back problems was able to move it with no difficulty. What I liked the most is how versatile the system is. It is truly a multipurpose unit, brilliant for use both in the hall and outside!"

Daniel Sparks - Pitcheroak Special School



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