41300 Bluetooth Headphones

41300 Bluetooth Headphones

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The Coomber Bluetooth Headphones are our top-of-the-range headphones. Connect them wirelessly to your mobile, laptop, iPad or any other A2DP Bluetooth®-enabled device and take charge of a phone and Skype calls, music or audiobooks. Whether you are working out, travelling or simply walking around town, these Bluetooth headphones are designed to make it easier to listen to your favourite music while on the go or at home.  Get full control over your sound with volume and playlist controls integrated on the ear cup. Experience the full benefits of sound to get the most out of your music or audiobook collection. 

Choose between 2 colours: white and black.
  • Many Hours of Battery life: You can enjoy the music or wireless chat for up to days of use at reasonable volume and range.
  • 30 Metres signal range: They allow free movement of up to a maximum of 30 metres between device and headphones.
  • USB charger cable included: They can be charged and used at the same time or just leave them on charge until you need them.
  • Fold them: They store neatly into a smaller size to fit into a bag or coat pocket.
  • Integrated audio controls: easy and accessible controls on the side of the headphones. You can use these Bluetooth Headphones to Play, Pause, Forward, Rewind, Adjust the volume.
  • Call control: Answer phone calls by pressing the "answer/play" button on the headphones.
  • Accurate stereo audio reproduction: The 41300 Bluetooth Headphones provide very accurate audio reproduction for a rich, clear and dynamic sound only to be replicated in very expensive Hi-Fi sets. 
  • Fashionable and Comfortable: Clean smooth uncluttered elaborate design. You can easily adjust them for your own comfort.

Black Bluetooth Headphones


White Bluetooth Headphones


All prices exclude VAT and P&P. UK Mainland P&P is £10 + VAT for orders under £150 and FREE for orders of £150 and over. Warranties apply to UK mainland only. Please call for NON MAINLAND UK deliveries so that we can quote best value options for you.

  • High bit rate audio transmission quality –  featuring an advanced Stereo optimized hi-fi stereo sound codec, the headsets can connect wirelessly to most A2DP Bluetooth® enabled device such as Apple products, computers, tablets, smartphones and other media devices and products
  • Wireless freedom – Bluetooth®  guarantees hands-free convenience without wires, 
  • Invisible microphone – for crystal-clear conversations 

  • Superb  acoustically tuned stereo sound – for excellent sound reproduction, wider, taller sound, with greater clarity and stronger bass

  • Comfortable ear cups – for complete relaxation and luxury even in noisy surroundings

  • Easy headset controls – integrated track and volume control for enhanced usability and convenience

  • Collapsible – metal-reinforced foldable headband ensures portability and durability

  • Full charge time 4 hours, Playback time 24 hours depending on range and volume.


Battery 3.7V DC 500mAhr Lithium-ion polymer
Standby time: 30 days between charges
Useable time: 24 hours approx subject to the type of use
Charge duration: 4 hours
Audio Frequency response Full 20Hz to 20KHz
Impedance: 32 Ohm
Compatible with the following Bluetooth modes HSP / A2DP / AVRCP
Bluetooth operating frequency 2402MHz to 2480MHz
Normal transmission range: 10metres, up to 30 metres is possible with good transmitters clear field.


Also supports HFP Hands-Free Profile, to allow hands-free kits to communicate with mobile phones in a car.

Applies Echo noise cancellation to voice while in conversation mode, e.g. telephone call.

If you would like to use these with you non-Bluetooth devices – TV, Radio etc we would suggest you buy a “Bluetooth transmitter” this can simply be plugged into your device and transmit the audio to these headphones.



Thank you for considering purchasing our Bluetooth headset, to help you start using them please find the step by step instructions below.  

!! PLEASE pay particular attention to step 6, you must press and hold until you see the Red and Blue flashing LED  !!

These are wireless Bluetooth headphones (the receiver) and will need to connect to your transmitting device such as an iPod or tablet or smartphone. This connection is called “pairing” please note only one paired connection is allowed at any one time so if your device is already paired and communicating to another device then the headphones will not connect until you disconnect your device from the other paired device, keyboard, pointer, speaker, etc. simply switching off the other device is usually sufficient.

We would always recommend fully charging the headphones prior to use, but we have shipped the unit with a storage charge so you should be able to connect and test the headphones prior to fully charge them.

Please follow the order of these instructions as it will help speed the initial pairing process up.

  1. Unpack the headphones and ensure you have received the USB charging lead.
  2. Please fully charge the headphones (takes 4 hours maximum).
  3. Please switch on your Bluetooth device
  4. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your device
  5. Go to the Bluetooth device connection list on your device, (this is where the new connection will appear after the next step) and search for devices if not already searching.
  6. Press and hold the ►▌▌ Play Pause button on the headphones until the LED flashes Red and Blue, the button can now be released.
  7. A new device should now show in your device list e.g. “BT328
  8. Apple devices usually say “not paired” touch this and it will connect and show connected.
  9. Other devices will act slightly different but once a new device is shown all you need to do is tap on it and follow your device's instructions.
  10. If automatic pairing fails and a passcode is required to enter “0000” four zero’s.

Once the initial pairing has been completed your device should remember the headphones and when playing music etc. from your device and you turn on the headset it will automatically connect when in range.

The headphones will remember multiple source devices but only one active connection will be allowed at any time, usually the last device used or the first device to be on and in range will secure the connection, to change device either switch off the headphones and ensure the device is closest and Bluetooth enabled before switching the headphone back on. Alternatively, temporarily turn the other device Bluetooth off; the easiest way is the flight safe mode.

The Bluetooth protocol used in these headphones is Advanced Audio Distribution Profile or A2DP this is quite common among Apple, HTC, Samsung Microsoft and all other mainstream brands.

The trouble-free reception and distance of Bluetooth depend upon other signals within the area, obstructions such as metal shielding in partition walls, steelwork in line of sight between device and headphones, dense materials around either device of headphones. In a normal house, office, hall, or garden the device should work efficiently, but when walking from room to room there may be some drop out as the connection is temporarily severed as the signal is reduced by external influences as mentioned above.  If working in the garden place you device adjacent to the glass of the window and not the metal-reinforced plastic frame as this will shield the signal reducing the operating range.

Other operating information as below.

Power on, press and hold the ►▌▌button for 3 seconds, this will switch the headphones on, the blue LED will flash and illuminate, it will also connect to the last known device if it is on and in range with Bluetooth enabled

Power off, press and hold the ►▌▌button for 5 seconds, this will switch the headphones off

Make a telephone call to last dialled number press ►▌▌button for 2 seconds and release the headphones will dial the last number on your phone.  Alternatively, select the number you wish from your device and dial it, the headphones can be selected as the hands free headset

To answer a telephone call press ►▌▌button briefly and release, the headphones will connect your call via your phone. To hang up again press ►▌▌button briefly and release

  Play / pause / resume, by quickly pressing the ►▌▌button you will toggle through these 3 commands

►►▌ Next track selection to skip current track

▐◄◄ restart current track or Previous track selection

+ -  Is to adjust the volume level up(+) and down(-)


Charging the headphones. They can be charged at any time, but we would strongly recommend never to store them with low or depleted battery as this will permanently damage the capacity of the battery. A full charge should take 4 hours, the device can remain plugged in overnight so that they are available for using the whole of the next day.

When charging the LED will illuminate RED and when a full charge has been achieved the LED will go out.

Battery life, the battery capacity was designed to last approximately 24 hours of continual use at a reasonable volume and within a reasonable range from the transmitting device. So if the headphones are used at maximum volume and at the extremes of the connectivity range please don’t expect the batteries to last a full 24 hours. But if you are listening to an audiobook with the device 1-2 metres away at conversational volume there is all probability the headphones will last more than the suggested 24 hours. The charge/discharge regime you follow will greatly influence the life of the battery.  

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